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Macrobiotics. After all, what are we talking about?

10 Tips on how to survive those Times


10 tips on how  to survive while living in those strange times


Did you notice that we are living interesting times?
There are cultures where to wish someone to “live in interesting times” it is a serious curse.
And here we are.
Someone said that to become a Wise person we should leave naiveté to cross cynicism on our way to reach Wisdom.
I feel “interesting times” more as a fascinating adventure, where we have the opportunity to test how courageous and wise we have become,  to transform challenging events in a good quest. 
Our "now” is a very strong historical time. Nothing will be like it has been before. We need a lot of flexibility to deal with this.
Considering Astrology in the sky there is a huge powerful struggle among the stronger planets. Where Pluto enters all useless things will be destroyed to be melted in a chaos that later will crystalize in a new useful way. In last year (the historical 2020) there were strong encounters between the inexorable Pluto, the joyful and overreacting Jupiter, the old wise or fearful Saturn and the revolutionary or crazy Uranus. For all this year of 2021 the futuristic Uranus and the rigid Saturn are in a square, challengingly evaluating their strengths creating a colossal wave that we have to surf. It can be felt as overwhelming, did you noticed it?
Nevertheless, I know which one will win and I am going to tell you: always the sturdiest and slowest wins. So future will win over past.

What I feel stronger in the “now” we are living is that we arrived in a dystopia, after decades or centuries of dreaming about several utopias.
Even my dearest gurus or inspiring masters shared those dreams. Most of them are not with us anymore, but here we are inside a massive dystopia.
Maybe it is true that utopia is as bad as dystopia. Is Utopia the mother of Dystopia?
For the reason that dreaming to create a better world is just another kind of escapism. People with an unbalanced Uranus, on their natal birth chart, feels so bad inside all time, that they have a very peculiar attitude toward life in general; they are those rebels for which this sentence “if you want to change the world start by changing yourself” has been created. Consequently, they want to create a revolution to destroy everything so they would create after it anything different. While those with a balanced Uranus just live inside reality in peace, making little changes only if necessary and after to hear their elders. Youngsters without elders are only a group of innocent lambs having fun in a field. Wolves love it… Moreover, if you want to destroy any group it is enough to give power to the less judicious or somewhat worst quality elements. And here we have an orchestra playing a disaster, because without a maestro to conduct it.
We have to consider if we are not hallucinating in other realms as the consequence of so many years living away from Nature, inside tall Faraday cages closed in huge cities, wearing shoes with isolating soles, using drugs while eating refined and industrial foods made of bizarre ingredients. Many, as you know, are made of flour. Therefore, the general knowledge too is chaotically divided into shrapnels, like particles of flour from which ones we will never be able to put together the whole grain. In addition, any connection between two of those shrapnel is just consequence of a transitory accident.
Truth is when what we recognize is the same as reality.
This world made of the eternal dance of Yin and Yang we know that those who are on the top now will be soon very low… Therefore, values, rules, “truths” and so will be destroyed because Pluto is deeply depurating old structures from the past. In all kind of matters.
I like to show Pluto as a volcano: it destroys the mountain, melts the stone, creates a pandemonium but…  after all this, while calming, there is wonderful new crystals being created.
Macrobiotic is quite plutonian: it goes deep, cleans and depurates from inside then we can create a new body, a new way to see your Universe and then a new lovely life.
For me the only true healing is the plutonian Cure.

Now maybe we should consider starting the practice of breatharianism, however and meanwhile here are 10 Tips to deal with those interesting times:

  1. Be very careful with metal structures and electromagnetic fields around you. I still remember, when I started my consultations, we would advise clients to see television only if they were 10 metres away from the screen, no electric hairdryers neither other electric small devices like toothbrushes or mobiles. About computers, we would use pendulum to check their large disturbing energy fields, but now most of us work with it on our lap...
  2. Turn off your Wi-Fi device as soon as do not need it. Exactly like you do with lights at home.
  3. Eat lots of whole grains, vegetables and seaweeds.
  4. Avoid any kind of flour. Avoid any refined or industrial “edible” items.
  5. Surround yourself with natural materials. Be it in your clothes and accessories or inside the house.
  6. Organize an organic edible garden in your space. It can be even on your balcony or near the kitchen window, to keep in touch with the moon phases, the year seasons but also bugs or pests, while you get fresh quality food. Make compost.
  7. Daily scrub softly, with a piece of cotton, all you skin with hot salty water with grated ginger.
  8. Walk barefoot in Nature or at least on natural surfaces. Walk on tiptoes and jump as much and often as you can.
  9. Exercise every day at least until you feel transpiration in your skin.
  10. Feel grateful for everything and anything in your life. Connect to the Divine. Follow the order of Universe.


Of course Good and Evil exists like Yin and Yang and day and night.
However to be wise is to be flexible and so able to get the best from no matter what. Even if being, like Pinocchio, inside this huge whale belly we are now.