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IMC 2019


The International Macrobiotic Conference is open to any professional who is active within macrobiotics. This could include cooks, teachers, health coaches, bloggers, authors, people working for macrobiotic organisations and people with a macrobiotic business. It's objective is to come together with like-minded people in a committed and respectful way, to further our knowledge, exchange ideas and practice, as well as friendship.

The 2019 Conference will be in Valencia, Spain 29th, 30th & 31st October.

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How do we bring consciousness, spirituality and macrobiotic principles to a modern open discussion on climate change that will appeal to new generations?


1. Fasting as Simple & Healthy Diet

Ana Kraus

Fasting is the time to rest the body, purge it of impurities and toxins and a form of connection with our spirituality. There are several types of fasting and Ana Kraus will talk about one-day and half-day fasting on water.


2. Macrobiotics & The Environment

Simon Brown

Reflections on how we can update macrobiotics to bring it back to the forefront of environmental consciousness. It will include the issue of whether we focus on personal health and to what extent we might need to make sacrifices to be part of a bigger environmental movement.


3. The Brain & Consciousness

Rik Vermuyten

Brain becomes our most developed, condensed and advanced organ in our whole body. It eats and feeds itself with the most Yin, invisible, fast moving vibrations that go far beyond our visible spectrum. Some perspectives of an open mind view...


4. Adapt and preserve the spirit of Macrobiotics to appeal to younger generations

Ana Luísa Bolsa & Dulce Costa

Our reality is overwhelmingly different from that of Ohsawa when he began spreading Macrobiotics. We need to understand how we can pass on the message of Macrobiotics to younger generations so that they can understand and adopt it and, in turn, pass it on to subsequent generations.


5. A look at Global Food for Macrobiotics

Melanie Waxman & Anna Mackenzie

A fascinating practical and philosophical overview of the similarities of traditional diets world wide - how and why they change and make balance with the locality and environmental conditions. Exploring how each country honours its’ common values through their agriculture, seasonal food preparation and the social importance of eating together for family, diplomacy and the spirit of sharing and digesting life. From our findings, we present some ideas as to how to broaden the image and range of macrobiotic eating habits.


6. A Resilient Future

Kristiane Ravn Frost

Resilience future is about securing good living conditions for now and future generations. Is about equality, education, water, food and capturing CO2 before it goes into the atmosphere. In other words is about all the 17 world goals. We will do a little exercise on how these goals relate to Macrobiotics.


7. Code of Conduct and Ethics for Macrobiotics Professionals

Anna Mackenzie, Ana Luísa Bolsa & Oliver Cowmeadow


It will be presented a Code of Conduct & Ethics written to take into account the diversity of Macrobiotics schools and professionals so it can be used around the world. It’s based on the Code of Conduct & Ethics of the Macrobiotic Association in England and reflects previous discussions about it.


8. Nourishing courage and develop consciousness

Anna Mackenzie

For Our Children’s, children’s children - how to nurture courage, recreate clear water, develop consciousness,

through intuition, identity, integrity and the interdependence of our most sacred life-force. No separation. No corporate commodities. Looking at the possibilities.


9. An approach about life with a destiny

Filipa Silva

Do macrobiotics theories include a sense of destiny or, otherwise, are individual responsibility and choice all about personal achievements? Do we aspire to connect to nature and the universe and let them guide us or be separated and our own decision maker?

And if there is a destiny, are we dramatically entangled to it or is there something else to learn with it? What is our destiny and does accepting our destiny lead to us living a bigger life, we could ask, as macrobiotic practitioners? And what are the practices that could help us to align with our destiny?


Do In; Palm Healing; Self-reflection & Breathing exercises

Essential in the knowledge of Macrobiotics these learnings will be revisited and practiced at this conference.






DATES: From 29 OCT To 31 OCT, 2019

DURATION: 3 days

COST: 275€

LOCATION: Spain, Valencia