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100 scientists from 52 countries say

Following 50 years quiet stable macrobiotic philosophy and principles suggesting a plant based diet and sustainable organic agriculture we may all be delighted to hear the news today. 8/8/2019.

Today announced news at 6.00pm BBC Radio 4.

The IPPC, International Plant Protection Convention, at their current meeting in Geneva with 100 scientists from 52 countries,
have issued a report today.
It states:-
That Intensive Farming is feeling Climate Change. That the world must make better use of farmland through the development of sustainable agriculture.
That switching to a plant-based diet can help climate change. That we consume too much dairy food and meat and our protein needs to come from pulses, beans, seeds and nuts. People especially in the West have to change their habits to avoid waste which causes 25 - 30% waste and
creates 8% total emissions.
Solutions have the benefit of more food security and prevention of desertification by caring for the soil.


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