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Mieke Vervecken-Pieters

Mieke came to macrobiotics in 1972, when she was ill, overweight and diagnosed with a pre-diabetic condition. As an inquisitive (and slightly rebellious) young woman, the wars and world hunger depressed her just as much as her health problems.

When introduced to macrobiotics, she was intrigued to find that changing diet solves both issues. After all, healing the planet is no different from healing ourselves. Today, 43 years later, she finds that macrobiotics still invigorates her life and that of her family and many friends. And this is exactly why she is relentlessly enthusiastic to inspire others: the work-study program is famous for its warm and intensive live-in programm.

In 1990, Mieke founded the Natural Cooking School in Belgium, organizing cooking classes, workshops and seminars. She has worked as a professional chef at the reputed ROSAS Dance Company and P.A.R.T.S. Dance Academy in Brussels and acted as a consultant for companies, restaurants and for the Lerab-Ling Buddhist community in France. She teaches in The Middle East regularly.

Together with her husband Jan Vervecken who runs a shiatsu school they teach macrobiotics in all its aspects.The Natural Cooking School in Belgium offers intensive cooking trainings for amateurs and chefs, summer intensives, work-study opportunities and personal health consultations.