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Simon Brown has practiced macrobiotics since 1980 and has worked extensively with people internationally to help improve their health. Simon is the author of Modern Day Macrobiotic and wrote 'Against All Odds' with Doctor Faulkner, charting his amazing recovery from pancreatic cancer. Simon was the director of London's Community Health Foundation for seven years and a founder member of the Macrobiotic Association, where he has served as chair. Simon's latest book is Macrobiotics For Life. Simon worked on a 3 year project developing macrobiotics with doctors, researchers and diabetes specialist nurses to help people with diabetes in India. He teaches macrobiotics in Europe, US, Japan and India and has had many papers on macrobiotics published by Macrobiotics International. Simon and his partner Filipa conducted a detailed macrobiotic survey for 600 people to collect essential information on the lifestyle choices of those following macrobiotics along with their emotional, mental and physical health results.

Simon's primary teachers include Michio and Aveline Kushi, Shiuko Yamamoto and Takashi Yoshikawa.

An online macrobiotic consultation with Simon can be carried out using Zoom, Whatsapp, FaceTime or Skype. Simon will carefully listen to your unique situation and then work with you to design your individual macrobiotic menu plan and lifestyle recommendations. The macrobiotic consultation includes help getting started, ongoing advice and reviews of your food diaries.

The fee for this is £95. This fee includes ongoing macrobiotic support.

Simon also runs a complete online macrobiotic training course that teaches everything you need for excellent health, including healthy natural food, exercise, good sleep, improving self esteem ,enjoying healthy emotions, positive psychology, and living with appreciation. The course also includes YinYang, 5 Transformations, meridians, meditation, cooking skills, nutrition, health coaching techniques and macrobiotic philosophy. The training prepares you for accreditation with the Macrobiotic Association.

Phone +44 (0) 7543663227 or +351962413138