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Tomoko Ogawa Lillrank

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I began my Macrobiotic studies after 7 years working as a therapist of the Usui Shiki Ryoho system of healing (Reiki - Usui System of Natural Healing). I was looking for something more to offer my clients that could simultaneously speed up Reiki healing process. Macrobiotics appeared naturally in this process and, in June 2015, I completed the three-year course at the Macrobiotic Institute of Portugal. In that same year I founded Espaço 4 Elementos, a co-working space in the fields of Macrobiotics, psychology, traditional Chinese medicine, yoga, and other activities with a holistic approach to the human being and to the environment.

Since then, I have been deepening my knowledge of Macrobiotics and developing my counselling skills for dietary and lifestyle advice, frequently integrated into the Reiki healing process. Alongside the consultations, I also give private and individualised macrobiotic cooking classes, with emphasis on practical aspects to better manage time in daily life.

I have been working with young adolescents and with emotionally and mentally unbalanced adults.

Since September 2016, I have been a guest speaker, on a pro bono basis at the Network of Lisbon Municipal Libraries, where I give lectures on topics related to health, food and the environment, always based on the Macrobiotic proposal on the understanding of the human being and the universe.

My integration into the Macrobiotics International community has been a natural step forward in this search to consolidate my knowledge and broaden my horizons. Strongly influenced by the international meetings of this group of professionals, I have been promoting the "Meetings with Macrobiotics®” since January 2016, with the objective of bringing together professionals and practitioners of Macrobiotics in Portugal. 

But before all this, in 1993 I graduated in Communication Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon and I became a passionate designer, the profession that I still hold today and which has been essential to my evolution along this path full of new perspectives.

To schedule a consultation, cooking classes or lectures, please contact me by email: