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Join us for Cooking Show

June 26th 2022 ONLINE

San Francisco - 9am, New York - 12 midday, London - 5 pm, Berlin - 6pm

Natural whole food is a joy of life; nourishing, energising and comforting us. Cooking is still such a meaningful way to express caring and love, wouldn't you agree?  Whether you are new to cooking and still learning, or a seasoned cook who prepares food daily, let us take you on a cooking journey with plenty of flavour!

We have a group of highly experienced teachers who will teach how to prepare a delicious starter, a main course, sauces and dips, fermentation and a dessert. 
The recipes will be shared ahead of time so that you can cook along if you wish and don't worry if you cannot attend on the day because it will be recorded and shared so you can watch it at your convenience.

Join us on this wonderful event!

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//. Introduction

1. STARTERS - Ana Torres






3. MAIN COURSE - Eva Madeira

  • RICH SUMMER SALAD - Lentil and arugula salad, with olives, dried tomatoes and a tahini and mustard dressing

4. SAUCES AND DIPS - Ken Prange and Angela Agrati Prange





5. DESSERT - Lara Holmes


//. Questions & Answers

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DATE: June 26th

TIME: San Francisco - 9am, New York - 12 midday, London - 5 pm, Berlin - 6pm


COST: 50$ / 45€


  • Post Title

    Kenneth Prange

    Ken's passion for food, healing and oriental diagnosis started back in the 70s, at the Community Health Foundation, in London's Old Street. The desire for knowledge grew strongly and Ken later moved to work and study at the Macrobiotic Institute of Berlin. It was here that Ken spent the next seven years studying, first to become a Naturopath (Heilpraktiker) and then the in-depth skills associated with Traditional Chinese Medicine, including amongst others, Acupuncture and Moxibustion. Today Ken’s work includes nutritional consultation, life coaching, teaching and cooking.


  • Post Title

    Ana Torres [Azuki]

    Ana Torres is a lifelong macrobiotic practitioner. She teaches and mentors students at her school Azuki Macrobiotics and at the IMP or Institute in Lisbon.

    Ana's specialty is making the gift of macrobiotics simple and accessible with classes in English and Portuguese. She is committed to sharing the creative and profound knowledge of healing through food.
    She works 1-1 with clients, through specific programs designed to enable each individual to better their eating habits and obtain their personal objective. Anual and Introductory group courses are held in Porto, Portugal too.

    Prior to creating Azuki, Ana spent 15 years in the graphic design industry. She lives in Porto near her first macrobiotic teacher, her mother. In addition to teaching and cooking, Ana spends time studying human expansion and healing practices.

    You may reach Ana:

    Instagram: @ana.torres.azuki / FB: azukimacro or e-mail:

  • Post Title

    Eva Madeira

    I'm Eva, creator of the EVAGOODLIFE project, with a youtube channel ( through which I share a healthy lifestyle in order to bring more people a full life, through food, physical practices and daily habits. 

    I am a mother of three children, graduated in Advertising and Marketing and I met Macrobiotics in 2015. I attended the 3 levels of the annual course of Macrobiotics and the training in Macrobiotic Mentoring at the Macrobiotic Institute of Portugal. Over the last few years I have been developing and participating in courses, workshops and showcookings on macrobiotics.

    By following a macrobiotic lifestyle I was able to achieve many changes in my life and the impact was so positive that I quit my 12 year job as a medical information officer and decided to share with the world the recipes that changed my life and that can certainly change the lives of many other people.

    Today I teach Macrobiotic cooking at the Macrobiotic School of Portugal and dedicate most of my time to develop the evagoodlife project in its various aspects.

    If you want to know a little more about this project and if you are looking for a good life, visit the page and follow me on Instagram

    Have a good life, evagoodlife!

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    Angela Agrati-Prange

    Angela graduated as a macrobiotic chef in California, U.S.A with her great Japanese teachers Herman and Cornelia Aihara. For the last 40 years she has shared and enriched her knowledge and talent in vegan macrobiotic restaurants, in the macrobiotic center of Berlin, at the One World Festival in U.K. and as a private chef for international celebrities. She continues to train and form many young chefs. In 2017 she published her cookbook “Cooking With Angela” and currently cooks privately all over Europe.

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    Trish Dent

    Do you wish to create vibrant health in your life? I am here to support you in realising your dream. Although I had been interested in health and fitness for a long time, it wasn’t until I became acutely ill myself that I began a long journey to transform my health and wellbeing. As a result, I initially qualified and worked as a Shiatsu practitioner from the late 1990s. Sonia Moriceau (Mindfulness, meditation and Shiatsu) and Michael Webster (Waveform) were inspirational teachers post training, while I continued to work and assist in the macrobiotic realm with Anna Mackenzie and Neil Gulliver. More recently I have trained internationally as a yoga teacher. As a result of my wide-ranging studies, I bring a unique set of skills to my work supporting people who want to create lasting change in their health and wellbeing. My approach is truly holistic and I will support you in mind, body and spirit on your journey to better health. I live in a wonderful part of England near the Suffolk coast and it’s the ideal environment in which to begin the journey to create change in your life. I can organise a personal retreat in my area where I can give you one-to-one guidance with diet, exercise, meditation and other techniques. I also work with clients via Skype and email. I run macrobiotic cooking classes from my rural kitchen using local ingredients and I cater for macrobiotic groups and holistic retreats both in England and abroad.

    UK, Halesworth – Suffolk

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    Lara Holmes

    Lara is a macrobiotic Health Consultant, cook and enthusiastic teacher; with a caring an nurturing approach to her cooking and teaching.

    "I first came across Macrobiotics by accident! I saw an advert for a Holistic Cooking school which resonated with me as I was keen to heal my own health through food, discovered it taught Macrobiotic cooking and have never looked back. My physical health improved quickly, my energy levels returned , my digestion improved and I began to understand myself better and my individual needs.  I greatly appreciate how Macrobiotics looks at each person as a unique individual.

    I studied for 3 years at the International Macrobiotic School. Returning a few years later to the school to teach and guide others with their well being through cooking delicious wholefood and an understanding of how different foods, lifestyles and emotions can affect our well being.

    I am particularly passionate about teaching how to make delicious refined sugar free and wholefood desserts. This was something I struggled to do, missed when I started changing my diet and wanted to be able to make for my then young children.

    With two teenagers now and 3 step children I also understand well how to cook for a family.

    My other joys include nature and gardening, through my work I actively encourage the use of ingredients that support the well being of us but also our beautiful and wondrous planet.

    With yoga, music and dance also bringing me much happiness.

    I currently teach at the Macrobiotic School in Devon, run courses online and work with individuals as a Macrobiotic health coach and cook.  I look forward to hearing from anyone who may think they would like to know more about how to nourish yourself well."