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Denny Waxman

Over the past 4 decades, Denny Waxman has helped a multitude of clients overcome health issues both big and small —  through personalized food and lifestyle choices that combine nature’s rhythms, proven dietary practices of long-standing civilizations, and clients’ individual constitutions.

From the founding Essene Market & Cafe in 1969, to authoring 3 books, and the formation of his own educational center in Philadelphia, “Strengthening Health Institute”, Denny’s life has been centered around transforming the lives of others physically, mentally and emotionally through the diet and lifestyle of Macrobiotics.

He is distinguished in the field of Macrobiotics by his 43 years of diagnostic experience, his vast knowledge bank of specific foods, dishes and practices for personalized recommendations, and helping his clients develop healthy habits at their own pace, with simplified advice.

If you are ready for powerful guidance to support and invigorate your health, contact Denny today at


1940 S10th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19148
Office: 215-271-1858